Success Stories


I started working with Ronan in February 2015. My journey started after I had run myself into the ground with work and subsequently into hospital. My Neurologist consultant cleared me fit enough to start to exercising. I decided to join a gym near where I worked on Baggot street, Dublin. I attended a few classes that Ronan was running at the local gym. I found him to be a brilliant instructor. He explained everything so well and was very encouraging.

My personal journey was not about the way I looked in terms of weight but more about how I felt physically. I communicated to Ronan that I wanted to feel stronger and increase my energy levels. He gave me excellent advice on nutrition to help me achieve my goals. I had dieted in the past, however Ronan taught me that being healthy is more about a lifestyle change. I was losing weight and making gains in the gym, without starving myself! Nutrition can be very confusing, with alot of jargon and differing opinions, but Ronan made the concept extremely easy to understand and manage.

The day I knew I was starting to achieve my goals was when coming out of the gym, a member stopped me to congratulate me on my amazing transformation. This took me by surprise at first, but as time went on, more people commented on how well I was training and how well I looked.

At my next hospital appointment in August my consultant, told me that I had lost 7 stone in six months. He was delighted not only with the weight loss but at how far I had turned things around mentally since my last appointment.

I am now lifting significantly heavier weights and training harder than I had ever imaged in my life! Without Ronan’s help and guidance, I don’t think that my recovery would have been successful. One of the best decisions I have made was approaching Ronan for help and asking him to be my personal trainer. I would without a shadow of doubt or hesitation recommend him to anyone.


“Ronan taught me that being healthy is more about a lifestyle change”


Tired of feeling like I should be in better shape, I teamed up with a couple of experts, Maxinutrition and their nutritionist Gareth Nicholas and personal trainer Ronan Finn Phillips of FLYEfit gym Baggot Street and set out a number of goals to be achieved over a ten week period. They were to 1) gain the knowledge needed to feel comfortable working out in the gym, 2) improve my diet by cutting back on unhealthy foods and increasing my protein intake and 3) show signs of progress which would (hopefully) motivate me to stick with the routine afterwards.

I’ve heard it said before, but the energising feeling you get after a work-out sets you right up for whatever the day is planning to throw at you. Contrastingly, I found it a struggle to motivate myself to go after a 10-hour shift when all I wanted was an evening on the couch. Thankfully, Ronan was always extremely flexible.

If I’m being totally honest, I walked away from those first few sessions feeling utterly demoralised and completely out of my depth.My lack of upper body strength in the beginning meant I had difficulty lifting the bar, never mind the weights on it! Seriously though, it was tough early on, particularly when it came to free weights. Ronan had to constantly remind me the names of the exercises and what, for instance, the difference is between a flat dumbbell press and a flat dumbbell fly. Although the weights continued to increase as the weeks moved on, I did slowly begin to feel like I was getting a better grasp on things and by the end was happy enough to do sessions on my own having been left a programme to follow.


“The energising feeling you get after a work-out sets you right up for whatever the day is planning to throw at you”


Personal training was an investment that helped me achieve the best version of me for my wedding day, while also helping to provide an outlet from planning and stressing over the day itself!

Ronan tailored a program that was easy to follow but highly effective and enjoyable.  When I am asked for recommendations on wedding planning the first thing I suggest is a good personal trainer as I had such an excellent experience.  Ronan was amazing, his knowledge, motivation and industry experience really is a credit to him and the results speak for themselves.

The first few weeks I wasn’t really into the gym. I had two sessions a week with Ronan but I’d make excuses to not go any other day. Ronan was fantastic he checked in with me to make sure I would be going to our sessions and kept an eye on what I was eating.

After a few sessions, Ronan had taught me how to follow my program and encouraged me to come to the gym on my own between our sessions.  I started going twice a week on my own. Ronan was always on hand to answer any questions about different parts of my program that I was struggling on without him. He spent time in my next session going over these exercises, checking my form and making sure I was more comfortable doing them on my own.

By the end of the 12-week program I had learnt so much and really enjoyed the gym. Ronan continuously challenged me and kept me motivated while also making the gym fun! I felt so much better in myself and loved to see my weights go up each week as I got stronger.

During this program, I attended my first wedding dress fitting. The dress looked so much better than it had when I bought it. I was delighted! I had three dress fittings before the wedding and each time the dress was adjusted to my new frame over two inches had been cut from the waist. My back looked so much better with the lace sitting perfectly instead of being caught in my back fat! My arms had become toned and I no longer wanted to buy a little shawl or coat to match the dress to cover them. I was amazed with the results as I didn’t have to kill myself doing hours of burpees, bear crawls, running or any other horrible exercises to achieve it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ronan to anyone as he really can make a difference in so many ways. He genuinely cares about your success and happiness.

“Ronan continuously challenged me and kept me motivated while also making the gym fun!”