About Ronan

One of the top trainers in Dublin and Ireland, Ronan believes building a confident physique in a healthy manner is the key to your success, happiness and longevity. Ronan not only trains top level physique models, he also has a huge portfolio of success stories with older clients recovering from surgeries, obesity and injuries that have been hanging around for decades.

After initially studying computer science in University College Dublin (U.C.D.), Ronan soon realised his passion was in health and fitness and he then began his journey with the University of Limerick with a full time course in Exercise and Health Fitness. Upon completion, Ronan set out to become a qualified Personal Trainer with The University of Limerick & The National Council of Exercise and Health Ireland (N.C.E.F.).

He also sought further recognition internationally by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer with the N.S.C.A. (National Strength & Conditioning Association) who are one of the foremost authorities in the industry. Soon after, Ronan set his sights on a National Certificate in Strength and Conditioning which he attained in 2014.

Starting his career as a trainer in Flyefit Ranelagh, Dublin, Ronan quickly gained attention as one of Flyefit’s top trainers and expanded his client base and skills over the next 4 years with the company. During this time he also worked with MaxiNutrition Supplements, TheJournal.ie, Next Generation Recruitment, Spin 103.8 and has been featured in The Irish Independent as one of Ireland’s Top Fitness Trainers to follow.

Now working in Baggot Street among other places, Ronan prides himself on having a large portfolio of client success stories. With a huge emphasis on educating his clients rather than ordering, he will take you from beginner to advanced with STRUCTURED, PROVEN programmes suitable for all goals, fitness levels and budgetsWith impressive programming, teaching skills and understanding relationships with clients, Ronan will help you reach your goals and more. . If you want to learn the skills needed to succeed long term Ronan is the trainer for you!